The Hamlet of Gray is 21 miles south and east of the overpass on the south side of Regina, 10 miles south on #6 highway, 4 miles east on #306 highway to Estlin and southeast 7 miles to Gray

1911 to 1930

The community of Gray got its start in 1911 when the Grand Trunk Pacific rail bed was graded and lots were offered for sale in the town site. The rails arrived in 1912. The first twenty years saw growth with five elevators, two stores, a bank, two garages, café, pool hall, two lumber yards, hall, rink, school, and telephone office.

1931 to 1966

The Hamlet went through depression, war and many changes. This caused the loss of many businesses. After 1946 we saw improvements such as a new school, new store, new hall, a few new homes and SaskPower.

1967 to Present

1967 saw a new building for K.C. Gillis and Son, a GM and John Deere dealership. This dealership and general auto and machine repair facility closed in 2002, after three generations of service. In 1978, B.C. Welding started operations that include welding, machining and general repair. A new skating, curling and heritage room complex came in 1977. A sewer and water system was put into the community in 1981. In 1982 a new United Church of Canada was built. Two heritage sights are in the hamlet – a windmill on the pump house lot that is dedicated to the pioneers and a 60 foot long section of railway that is part of a centennial park project dedicated to the railway. This section of railway was built with rails from the dismantled railway. Other businesses in the hamlet are Wozbuilt Restorations (autobody), Earthtech (gravel & dirt moving), Serendipity Treats (cosmetics manufacturing), and a Day Care.

With the help of surrounding farm operations, our hamlet is a vibrant community of families, young and old.

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