Gray Environmental Action Committee

The Environmental Action Committee was established in 2008 by a group of children and adults interested in making Gray "more green". The objective is to initiate a new activity in Gray each year through action and education.

2009 Initiative

The first action taken by this committee was to establish a recycling program in Gray. Once a month "Go Green" comes to town to pick up glass, paper & tin for recycling. This program was embraced by the community and the club is pleased to report that the amount of garbage in Gray has been significantly reduced.

If you are interested in participating in the recycling program at a cost of less than $100 per year, contact:

Go Green Recycling Inc. Regina, SK. 306-352-0346

2010 Initiative

Our objective for the 2nd year was to educate people in Gray and the surrounding area about what they could be doing to make Gray more Green, so in July we held an Environmental Fair. For the kids we had a Repurposing Clothing workshop where the children designed new outfits out of used clothes. We had 2 seamstresses working with us and to start off the environmental Fair we had a Repurposed Fashion show. The outfits were fantastic and it showed how easy it was to make something old into something cool and new.

The kids also did a Scavenger hunt around town looking for trash, but specific types and this translated into a town cleanup. We gathered over 370 pieces of trash. In addition, children were asked to make recycled art - what creativity! Adults and children alike were asked to bring items and ideas for repurposing things around there house that were going to end up in the trash. We had lots of prototypes and lots of ideas!

Our trade show included Geothermal Heating; Solar and Windmill Power; Communities in Bloom; Compostable Toilets; and Composting for the Garden.

We ended our evening with a 2nd fashion show and a community BBQ and reused watermelon rinds to make Watermelon Helmets for the Saskatchewan Roughrider game the next day. We can't wait to do it again!


Our projects include getting a composting program going in Gray and another Environmental Fair

For more information about GEAC contact: Ginny Carpenter 738-2043 or Lori Boesch 738-2022