Clubs and Organizations

Gray 4-H Club
The Gray 4-H Club started up 6 years ago and has been going strong ever since. We have around 20 members each year and have a variety of projects. 2009-2010 projects include: Cloverbuds; Drama; Food; Outdoor Adventure; Photography; Scrapbooking; & Welding. Join us for our Achievement Day in April which includes a Greek Dinner, Presentations and a Play by our drama group.
For more information contact: Ginny Carpenter 306-738-2043

Gray United Church
The Gray United Church was established in 1946 and is currently housed in the 2nd Gray United Church. It was designed by Manley Lafoy and built by community members. Service time: Sundays at 10:00 a.m.
For more information contact: Janice Brunas 306-738-2058

Men's Recreational Hockey - The Gray Screaming Os
The Gray Screaming O's is a men's recreation hockey team and it has been around for a while. Average age of the participants is nearing 50 year old, but they are still at it, slower maybe, but still at it. Always looking for new team members (so they can take longer breaks on the bench), this is a fun team with a history of post game wings and burgers at the Gray Rink.
For more information contact: Randy Frei 306-738-4534

Heritage Committee
The Heritage Committee is in place to celebrate upcoming events and commemorate past events and achievements and preserve the memories of our community. Currently this group is working on the Gray Centennial Celebration and new committee members are always welcome.
For more information contact: Lori Boesch 306-738-2022

Gray Environmental Action Committee
The Environmental Action Committee was established in 2008 by a group of children and adults interested in making Gray "more green". The objective is to initiate a new activity in Gray each year through action and education.

Gray Recreation Committee
The Gray Recreation Committee was established in 2002 to promote recreation, sport and cultural activities for Gray and the surrounding areas. A variety of programs are offered during the year and past programs have included: Archery, Cooking Classes, Improv, Volleyball, Team Handball, Scrapbooking, Mosaic Designs, A Variety of Children's Classes and many others.
For more information contact: Ginny Carpenter 306-738-2043

Riceton Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.
The Riceton Volunteer Fire Department (RVFD)was established as a service for the community. Individual memberships are available for $150 for 5 years or $35 for one year. Membership includes: Waiver of fee for a service call (911) and voting rights for RVFD issues.
For membership information contact Lee Moats: 738-4716
Interested in becoming a volunteer firefighter with the RVFD? Contact Gord Glaze: 306-738-2042

Gray Rink
The Gray Rink was built in 1972 by community members and replaced the initial Gray Rink. Money was raised by the community and the community continues to support the rink which exists solely on membership fees, ice rentals, donations and fundraisers. In addition all work done at the rink from running the zamboni, to making weekly breakfasts for 100 to cleaning the floors is done completely volunteers. The Gray Rink includes the Gray Ice Arena, a dining area, Gray Gym and the Heritage Room. A major renovation is being worked on this winter which will see the expansion of the dining area, the creation of the 306 Heritage Museum and a permanent home for the 306 Sports Hall of fame.
Membership includes: free ice time and access to the rink during public hours.
2015 Membership fees: $200
For more information about membership contact: Randy Frei 738-4534
For information about ice rental or Gray Rink facility rentals or bookings contact: Kris Boesch 306-738-2043

Gray Co-operative Memorial Hall
The Gray Co-operative Memorial Hall was built by the community. It is a lovely building that can hold 130 people and has a stage, kitchen, coatroom and basement with washrooms. There is a beautiful lawn surrounding the Hall and it is a great venue for any event. The Hall went through a major refurbishment in 2010 and has a clean, updated look. It is available for rent for events.
For more information contact: Terry Lewis 306-738-4414 or Todd Brunas 306-738-2058

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